Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Siesta Key/Sarasota Area

Have to give a shout out to http://www.islandgfbakery.com/, they had a wide variety of stuff for my vacation.  I tried the muffins and cookies. The chocolate chip muffins were to die for, so moist!  I received a list of places to eat too in the area.

I tried Dutch Valley Restaurant for a Father's Day breakfast, the waitress wasnt familiar with my diet, but they had a whole menu, another gal came to help.  I had eggs, potatoes, and cinnamon raisin toast.  Then took a few muffins to go for my long ride home.  Delicious!


I also tried Beckham's Osprey Grill for dinner one night, a little bit of a drive, in a small strip mall, very quiet and cute.  (Too bad my toddler didnt think so. ) When I finally did get  to order I decided to try a chicken alfredo dish with bacon and cheese sauce .    Very tasty, nice large portion, loved the bacon in it, I normally dont eat foods this rich, but nice to indulge once in a while.  They also carry gluten free buns I believe i you would like a burger or chicken breast.


I also tried the Boat House one night, thanks to my sil for watching the kiddos! They did not have a menu, but I ordered a plain chicken breast with lettuce and tomato, and got a salad, a nice meal. It was right on the water, there was a patio, but a wedding out there, so we sat in a 'indoor' type of patio seating, nice entertainment. 

Another place on the list was Cosimos Brick Oven Pizza, I didnt get to try that.


Gluten Free With DisneyWorld

Some of you may know this already, but DisneyWorld is THE best place to be if you have an allergy of any kind.  Before your trip even you can talk to DisneyWorld and they will suggest what to do, where to go, etc.

Gluten Free Meals

Downtown Disney First Night

We went to Wolfgang Puck's , the kids wanted pizza, and when I asked about gluten free the chef came right out and talked to me, he made up a delicious gluten free vegetable pasta dish, very friendly service.

For dessert I went to Baby Cakes and had a gluten free cupcake top, and got a cupcake to have another time, very yummy.

Animal Kingdom

They had pineapple bars that were sooooo good in the 90 plus degree weather.  I also ventured into the pizza place and they made up an Amy's gluten free pizza for me, this was so great, I just had to wait a bit longer for it, but no biggie.

Disney World

We had a reservation at Crystal Palace to see Pooh and friends.  The chef came right out and told me everything I could have, which was virtually everything but the breads and pastas, and some dressings, such a variety of choices.  I had rice noodles, fruits, veggies, salmon, cous cous, a salad with ranch dressing, mashed potatoes, ham, so many choices.  When I was finished I was brought a gluten free brownie, huge cut to the size of a pie piece.  Kuddos to Crystal Palace! 
The Mickey Mouse ice cream bars are gluten free.  The lunch buffet filled me up so much.  Great tip to go right before noon, a great relief from the heat, had to wait about 15 minutes to be seated.

I brought in my own water, and some nature valley bars.

My hotel The French Quarter

While some of the people working the cash registers were not real familiar I did talk to the chefs, and they told me everything I could have.  Wide variety including mac and cheese(amys), Pizza(amy's), chicken tenders with fries(the parks have the tenders too), brownie, blueberry muffins, gluten free waffles and pancakes, hot dog or burger on a gluten free bun.

I chose chicken tenders and fries for my first meal as it was light, and I was sooo excited to eat fries;very tasty! Even had a rice flour coating I believe

For breakfast I chose the blueberry muffins.  I also had some fruit they sold individually. I wanted to try the gluten free pancakes, but never got around to it.   Again, allow extra time for the gluten free food, and great thing I wasnt charged extra.

I wish I could live here, lol. Enjoy!