Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kitchen Table Bakers Review

I had the pleasure of trying some samples from Kitchen Table Bakers.  I had the Aged Parmesan Mini Crisps and the Regular Crisps.

Their logo is "The crisp made entirely of cheese", so you must be a cheese lover. 

These are
wheat free
gluten free
sugar free
rich in calcium
low in carbs

Aged Paremesan Cheese
skim milk
cheese cultures

Very simple, and very good.  The larger crackers have sesame seeds also, these are very rich, great for soups or salads.  I prefer the mini crackers as the taste was not as strong as they are smaller.  My son loved both of them. These would also be great to set out for a party with wine.

Here is a link of where you can find these to try them for yourself.  I see Amazon also sells them


Great Tips For Avoiding Cross Contamination

8 Tips For Avoiding Gluten Cross Contamination

  • Oils that have been used to deep fry battered foods will contaminate foods like French fries. Use separate oils, and ask the chef when dining out if the same oil is used for battered foods.
  • Cutlery, utensils and potsand pans must be thoroughly cleaned before cooking gluten-free to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Toasters and ovens that have been used for glutenous breads can contaminate gluten-free breads. At home try to keep two separate toasters.
  • Grills and barbecues can easily cross-contaminate foods if not properly cleaned. Many sauces used to barbecue have gluten.
  • Sifters used for both glutenous and gluten-free flours will cross-contaminate. At home if you use both types of flour, keep separate properly labeled sifters.
  • Your mayonnaise, peanut butter jar, jams and jellies are easily contaminated when making sandwiches.
  • Glutenous flours have a tendency to stay airborne for some time after use. Cooking in a kitchen shortly after preparing foods with glutenous flours is risky for the sensitive person. Because of this I find it very hard to believe that you can get a truly gluten-free pizza from a pizza restaurant that makes regular pizza as well.
  • Any foods not prepared in a gluten-free facility, including your own home, runs the risk of getting cross-contaminated.
gluten cross contamination